Building Type Alphabetical Chronological OLYMPIC VILLAGE- PARIS  
  Building Type - Housing
  Year - 2000
We have designed the Olympic housing in a series of clusters around a variety of courtyards in the French tradition of outdoor living. This would promote athletes to mingle with each other and foster friendship between young people of different nations and continents. The height of building very from four to six stories and it would enclose courtyard of different scales. The proportion of courtyard in St. Germain-de-pres (e.g. place de Fustemburg) or Le Marais forms the of basis of place making for athletes housing. The larger courtyard can be used for ceremonial purposes or play areas. The smaller courtyard would be utilized for social gatherings by athletes.

Fusing the large courtyard of housing with canals is an important feature of design. These courtyards are built around the canal making the water an integral feature of Olympic housing. In fact we envisage a series of bridges containing student housing to span over the canal and connect it to a number of restaurants, outdoor cafes and recreational rooms on the outer end of the canal. Passages across the bridge would have viewing balconies towards the canal. .

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