Building Type Alphabetical Chronological State Trading Corporation - New Delhi  
  Building Type - Offices
  Year - 1989
  The STC building has a unique structure that permits flexibility. Vertical structural cores accommodating lifts and service support virendeel girders on alternate floors of the façade surface. The girders provide support to column free floor plates that have a 15 meters span.

The building comprises 'L-shaped' office blocks that are in response to the heights of the adjoining buildings. The highest part of the building is defined by a cubic volume at the junction of the L-shaped configuration. A low, three story volume partially fills the space created by the L-shaped adjoining towers. The space houses a commercial emporium.

  • Architecture Contemporiane/ Contemporary, Architecture Architecture, Bibliotheque des Arts (Paris/ Lausanne) Vol.12, 1990-91
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