Building Type Alphabetical Chronological Parliament Library Building - New Delhi  
  Building Type - Public Buildings
  Year - 2003
  Symbolically a house of knowledge, the Parliament Library has its site next to the Parliament House in Lutyens Delhi. Both visually and symbolically, the central hall of the existing Parliament denotes power, consensus and democracy and is linked to the central core of the new complex.

For the library, a formal structure is conceived within the Indian tradition, built in a contemporary idiom to capture the essence without mimicry of past historical styles. The site measures 10 acres with a built-up area of 50,000 sqm.

The design for the existing Parliament follows the "Beaux Arts", the central line axis planning criteria. It is circular in plan with three axes culminating in a central dome.

Courtyards form an important feature of the design vocabulary, keeping in mind Delhi's extreme climate. They help in creating a dust free atmosphere and in reducing the summer heat.

The height of the building is restricted to the podium level of the Parliament House.

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