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Housing-New DelhiI
  Building Type - Housing
  Year - 1994
  The two-storey houses are arranged around a square, which contains a circular pathway giving access to all units. The demarcation of central enclosures is clearly established by framed gateways with pedestrian passages connecting the site to garages on two ends adjoining peripheral roads.

Each dwelling unit has a private enclosed garden at the rear, which reflects the traditional British terrace housing.

The architectural language of the housing complex is based on energy saving devices, e.g. deep set windows, shaded balconies verandahs, roof umbrellas and overhangs which keep the walls roof and glazing protected from the harsh glare of the sun.

The texture of stone and its changing colours forms an important feature of design complimenting the natural foliage on the site.

  • Home from Home' Peter Wislocki, Architectural Review (London), June 1987
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