Building Type Alphabetical Chronological Central Institute of Educational Technology - New Delhi  
  Building Type - Education & Research
  Year - 1986
  The function of the C.I.E.T. building is to house a school of communication, which is fully equipped to the highest professional standards to produce broadcast quality programmes of teaching aids for children through community networks. The requirement included two television studio, two sound studios, technical control rooms, workshop, seminar rooms, rehearsal areas and projection facilities, library, canteen and administrative areas. The design concept is based on creating two interlinked courtyard, a small one near the entrance and another one around an existing tree, to function as a multi-purpose television studio. The main court comprises an open air stage and amphitheatre, enclosed at the ground floor by the entrance hall, artists rooms and canteen with existing tree as the focal point of the activities.

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  • Techniques et Architecture (Paris), August/September 1989
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