Building Type Alphabetical Chronological GAS Training Institute - Noida  
  Building Type - Education & Research
  Year - 1996
  The function of the building is to impart technical education to persons working in the gas and petroleum sector. The ground floor consists of various activities like workshops, display, cafeteria & auditorium, integrated into a well-knit complex by covered corridors facing the courtyards. The first floor includes a conference room, audio-visual & publication, demonstration and recreation facilities, and the second floor houses the library, seminar room and classrooms.

The structure of the complex is based on R.C.C. frame with coffered ceilings. The infill walls are of sand lime white bricks. The sunscreens around verandahs and balconies are of Delhi-Agra red sand stone. The lattice, "jallis" with intricate patterns exhibit a display of light and shade in the corridors at different times of the day, and lend an ingenious quality to the facades of the institute.

The primary structure of the auditorium consists of steel pipes supporting ferro-cement "bubble domes". The meeting rooms on the top most floor are overlaid with stone ribs supporting feroo-cement domes, as an experimental structure.

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