Anjali and Naresh Gujral Residence

Year : 2000-2001

Location: New Delhi


Raj Rewal’s composition for the Gujral House is based on creating a series of spaces, each linked to the outside. The spaces, defined by high ceilings are organized around two courtyards. Picture windows above the lintel level engage viewers with the sky and canopies of trees outside, adding to a sense of openness. The main body of the house comprises a smaller courtyard with a water body. This courtyard sheltered by a glass skin is arranged directly across the entrance canopy.


A lounge space accentuated by clearstory lighting mediates between the courtyard and the entrance canopy. It serves as the focus of the single story building. The house also includes a two-story annexe structure. The annexe accommodates a guest room and a living area that can also serve as an office. The composition is organized so as to form a larger courtyard, open in one corner, between the annexe and the main house.