Jung-e-Azadi Memorial Complex: Entrance Hall, Minar and Amphitheatre

Year : 2014- Ongoing

Location: Karatpur, India


Entrance Hall, Minar and Amphitheatre

The Entrance hall forms the introduction to the complex. It frames the views of the iconic memorial and gives way to the Minar which is located in the first courtyard.

The gateway or “Deodi” is an important feature of the complex. Its dominant structure of four petals recalls traditional temples and mogul entry points but built entirely in a new form. Its doubly curved structural form in concrete shell is clad in marble. The reinforcement with ribs, supporting shells is amplified with sandstone.


Minar is the dominant feature of the complex. Its circular base of 10 metres diameter encases the eternal flame in homage to the brave sons of India, who sacrificed their life for freedom struggle against the colonial rule. More than 80 percent of the fighters which were hanged or killed were Punjabis. It is touching to see the average Punjabis who come to “Mathatek”, bow their head touching the ground at this spot, which is normally done in Gurudwaras, temples and other religious places of worship. The young married couples are often seen in this shrine to pay homage to the valiant sons of India.


Amphitheatre is located in the second courtyard of the complex. It symbolizes the people voice and is a major component of the Jung-e-Azadi complex. The people forum would provide a much needed congregation space for a variety of festivals and state occasions. Musical evenings, Bhangra dance, musahiras (poetry recitals) can add to the public participation and enliven the Jung-e-Azadi complex. Students from surrounding area have already adopted the amphitheatre for their get together.