Theme : Sustaibility


We have tried to fuse the essence of traditional wisdom with technological advancements of our times to create humane, ethical and sustainable architecture. Passive energy saving systems learnt through traditional methods can go hand in hand with smart buildings based on state-of-the-art technologies. In our projects, open spaces between the buildings are designed to create microclimate and reduce the use of energy. The traditional typology in countries like India, Spain and Portugal is based on harnessing the Solar Energy with sun shades, verandahs and courtyards and now we are in a position to channelise the same sunlight as a source of energy by utilising photovoltaic panels.

In the State University of Performing & Visual Arts in Rohtak, photovoltaic panels have been used for the entire university, as umbrellas. In fact, the slanting roof above the library is designed as a solar disc of monumental proportions to harness the energy requirements of the university.

Also, energy efficiency plays a pivotal role in the design of the Coal India Limited headquarters building in Kolkata, maximising passive use of solar energy and natural ventilation.

Natural light percolating from the atrium, courtyards and perimeter into all building levels works towards reducing energy consumption during day.