Rewal Farmhouse

Year : 2008-2009

Location: Sohna


The Rewal family farmhouse is built on a hilltop with a splendid view of the valley below. It is a miniscule part of the landscape that is left untouched. The existing Kikar trees remain intact and camouflage the entrance. The ground floor of the farmhouse has a small apartment of two rooms with a courtyard for the young family of the architect’s son. It adjoins the living– dining room and the kitchen. The double-height entrance hall takes advantage of the sloping site and gives way to two rooms on either side of the roof terrace. An open staircase on the first floor leads to the second floor. The ground floor living room and entrance hall have sliding glass windows which can be opened and combined with the front verandah. The first floor balconies attached to the bedrooms are extensions which not only provide extra space but also shade the glazed windows.